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  • Doug Lamborn has failed to fight for our rights

  • Doug Lamborn is not a bold voice for our values

  • Doug Lamborn is not part of the solution, he has become part of the problem

Weak and Ineffective…
That’s Doug Lamborn!

It’s time to Clean Up Congress!

Why you should vote NO on Doug Lamborn

Lamborn Doesn’t Respect Constituents

Here are some stories and audio that haven’t been heard in a while… Doug threatened a couple via nasty voicemails for “lying” about his fundraising practices, although later reports found that the couple had been telling the truth, Lamborn has rudely dealt with other constituents. In one debate, Lamborn tells an attendee, “keep your mouth shut.”

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Doug Runs Dirty Campaigns

One thing Doug Lamborn does seem committed to is running a dirty campaign. He’s opposed bills and refused to sign pledges that would try to eliminate reckless lying and mud-throwing in political campaigns. In 1998, retiring incumbent Rep. Joel Hefley would not endorse Lamborn because he said that Lamborn ran a “dishonest” and “sleazy” campaign. And nearly worst of all, when running against Rep. Tom Ratterree, Lamborn’s supporters ran campaign ads that claimed Ratterree had pulled his wife off of life support, later proven untrue. The truth, Ratterree was by his wife’s side when she died after a long battle with cancer; she had requested to not be connected to any life-support machinery.

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Doug Lamborn is NOT Pro-Life

When it really counted, Lamborn didn’t stand by his commitment to protect the unborn child’s right to life. He voted for the Omnibus Bill, which continues funding for Planned Parenthood at $500 million for 2018. With the ability to reallocate funds, that’s enough money for the organization to pay for more than 500 thousand, half a million, abortions when breaking down the cost according to the highest abortion rate listed by Planned Parenthood.

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NBC: No Empathy from National Party for Illegal Entry to Ballot

NBC’s Chuck Todd of Meet the Press said he’s spoken with multiple National Republicans on the issue of Doug Lamborn being potentially taken off the ballot for signature fraud; he said: “Not a single one is empathetic on this.” Their responses have been that Lamborn should know better as the incumbent, and, Todd states, “National Republicans are using Doug Lamborn right now and what he did as an example of somebody not prepared in this tough environment” He closed saying: “The lack of empathy from National Republicans here has been astounding when it comes to Doug Lamborn.”

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Lamborn’s Campaign Broke the Law

Twelve years in office and Doug Lamborn is being given a break for fraudulent signatures? He should know better! If he’s really committed to Colorado state laws and processes, then why has he undermined the system by pursuing federal action after the Colorado Supreme Court already determined that he could not be kept on the ballot? The federal judge rejected Colorado law for petition circulators to put Lamborn back on the ballot; an over-step of federal government made it possible for Lamborn to run in the primary … Isn’t that one of the core issues we as conservatives are trying to eliminate, the overreach of the federal government?

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Ineffective Lamborn Contributed 3 Bills in His 12 Years: Guess What They Are?

“Do-Nothing Doug,” as some call him in the halls of Congress, has held office for 12 years, and in that time, he’s introduced only three bills that became law. And, what are these three, not-so-groundbreaking bills, you may ask … The naming of a VA clinic, striking a commemorative coin, and approving a right-of-way for a railroad system … Thanks, Doug. In 12 years, we’d hoped for more.

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Lacking Leadership, Lamborn Unable to Rally Republicans

Holding an essentially uncontested seat (Republicans have held the 5th District seat since its inception), Doug Lamborn should be regularly speaking out on issues at the Capitol; yet, we rarely hear from him on the floor, and we never see him get invited to speak at CPAC, Lincoln Day dinners or other Republican party events. Why? Because he’s not a leader. A representative who holds this seat, one of the safest seats in Congress, should be on the front lines of political reform, fighting to defend our rights on Capitol Hill. Lamborn’s attempts have received very little support from his fellow Republicans; in his effort to expand the Fort Carson Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site, he received a mere 34 votes. We need someone who can rally and unify our party.

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Lamborn has Paid His Wife Over $100,000 in Campaign Funds

Since 2011, Lamborn’s campaign has paid his wife, Jean, more than $100,000 for bookkeeping, accounting, campaign management, and strategic fundraising. While having a family member function as a paid staffer is technically allowed by the Federal Election Commission, it is still considered a questionable practice that many discourage.

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Lamborn Paid Himself $9,171 in Interest from His Own Campaign

With the current system, a politician, like Lamborn, can give a donation to his or her campaign at a certain interest rate, and then eventually make money off the donation because of the interest. It’s another loophole that is currently “legal,” but raises many questions of character and commitment. Where’s the commitment to a moral code and respect for the constituents who contributed to his campaign? These kinds of loopholes fit more closely with a career politician than a true representative of the people.

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