Who We Are

We are the Clean Up Congress PAC. Our mission is to clean up congress by bringing the truth to light, demanding more of our representatives, providing well-researched information for constituents concerning our politicians, and voicing our rights and values. It’s time for the men and women in congress be held accountable.

We want to identify and support representatives who will actually do what they say they will and stick to their convictions.

We don’t need more leaches filling the swamp and sucking resources. We need people in congress who will responsibly allocate our tax-payer money and fiercely defend our rights.

Defend our American Values. Demand a Higher Standard. Decide Who Represents Us.

Why Lamborn?

Rep. Doug Lamborn has let down his constituents.

Voters of the 5th district hoped Lamborn would be an active leader in Washington voicing their values, defending their rights, and ensuring the freedoms America was founded upon. 

Unfortunately, this simply has not been the case. During Lamborn’s 12 years in office, he has proven unable to rally even his fellow Republicans to bring reform to the federal government where our freedoms and values have been disregarded. In fulfilling our mission, we are bringing these truths to light for Colorado voters to make an educated decision on who they want to represent them.

How Can You Help

By donating to the Clean Up Congress PAC, you’re providing resources to fund campaigns that will bring the truth to light, better inform voters, help clear out incompetent representatives, and, ultimately, protect our rights and the American way of life.